Wolsey Road

This project involved reworking a Victorian terraced house to shift the living spaces to the lower ground floor, and create a substantial extension to the rear. The more private living spaces are on the upper floors, with a new bathroom on the ground floor.The garden floor level was lowered to create further headroom and large openings made to link the house closely with the garden in conjunction with 180 degree-opening garden doors.

A glazed brick was used to create a carefully chosen contrast to the london stock brick on the existing parts of the house. A large frameless rooflight also contrasts with the snug sitting room to the road side of the property. While the new parts of the building work are done with a more modern touch, renovation to the existing house use quirkier features that rework its period features.

Wolsey Road Image 01
Wolsey Road Image 02
Wolsey Road Image 03